Frequently Asked Questions - Faq

Why is your software free? Is it going to change in near future?

Matecat is always going to be free. We believe that technology should be free and open source. We created Matecat based on this philosophy and we came up with an innovative business model to guarantee that the tool is sustainable. With Matecat, you can translate all your projects for free, but you also have the option of outsourcing the translation to translated's paid service. This, along with enterprise software customization, it is how we guarantee that Matecat will continue to be free.

How private are my translations and translation memories?

If you don’t add a private TM to a project, the source-target segment couples are automatically sent to MyMemory, our public translation memory, with no mention of where the contribution comes from, so confidentiality is still maintained. If you don’t want your translations to go to MyMemory, you can enable a private TM when creating your project in Matecat, and check the “Update” checkbox beside the private TM key. In doing so, you can ensure that your translated segments are only stored inside your private TM. Private TMs are only accessible to the person who creates them (the “owner”) and their content will not be shared with anyone else, as opposed to the public TM, which is available to all Matecat users. You will still see suggestions from the public TM while working, but your segments will not be saved in it.
However, the owner of a private TM can always decide to share it with other Matecat users through the dedicated button.

I can’t find my project anymore! Shall I start all over again?

There are two ways you can retrieve your project:
If you had first received the project link by someone else, you can click on the original link you were sent or, alternatively, you can look for it in your browser history.
If you’re the owner of the project and you created it while you were logged in, you can find the job on your management panel. Click your profile picture on the top-right corner of the home page, then click “My Projects” and you will access the management interface with all the projects you have created.
Alternatively, before you begin translating you can store the project link somewhere (e.g. bookmark it) and go back to it in ordire to continue working.

I get an error when I try to upload my file, how can I solve it?

This may happen if your browser cache is overloaded. To solve this, you can try the following:
Press CTRL + F5 on Windows or CMD + R for Mac
Clear your browser history manually (especially cache and cookies)
Open Matecat in an anonymous tab in Chrome, Edge or Safari and upload it from there.

I have a real hard time with fixing tags. Can I do an “ignore all”?

The best way to “ignore” the tags is to copy them over to the target segment using the icon that resembles a black and white tilted square just below the segment. This feature is useful to preserve the structure of the document, but may compromise formatting. If you end up using it, we recommend reviewing the target document after download to make sure that the layout and formatting have been preserved.

How can I see the changes made during the revision?

At any time during the revision, you can click the “QR” icon in the top bar, which will open the quality report. For each segment, you will see the source text, the initial suggestion provided (MT or TM), the translation and the revision. Clicking the eye icon to the left of the translated/revised version will toggle the highlight of the differences between the selected stage and the previous one will be shown.

Can I do post-editing with Matecat? 

You can post edit MT suggestions by clicking on the target segment and editing it. When you click on Translated your translation is saved on our servers. On the QR report you will see the suggestions and the translated version.