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When there are identical segments in a job, Matecat shows you them labeled as  Repetition.

When you save a repeated segment, clicking on Translate, Matecat automatically propagates the translation to the other repetitions, having the same source throughout the project with your translation.

You will see a striped status bar in these segments and the label "Autopropagated".

These segments will be automatically saved. This means that you don't need to confirm the propagation by clicking on Translate for each segment.

In this way, the translator can decide if the autopropagated segments need to be double-checked or not. 

When you click on Translate, the autopropagated segment is saved and the label changes again in Repetition.

If you modify one of this translation, it will ask you if you would like to apply the change also to the others.

They will be labeled again as Autopropagated as you can see in the example below:

If you choose to apply the change to all the segments you will see a popup message appearing on the screen.

On the Revise mode, you will see the same behavior of the Autopropagation feature.