Share projects with your colleagues

How to create a working team in Matecat?

As a cloud-based software platform, Matecat allows project managers to set up projects, assign them to teams of translators and reviewers, and configure the translation environment for team members. When working with a team, it’s important to track the status of ongoing projects and have a clear idea of who’s working on what. The project manager can still control the project and access real-time progress information from any computer.

In order to create a team, you need to access the Management panel. Click on your profile button on the top bar of the Matecat homepage and choose MyProjects to see a list of all the projects created using your account.

Via the MyProjects panel, project owners have a wide range of management features available to them. The most significant one is the ability to create a team and invite colleagues to share and manage projects.

Thanks to this new feature, you can assign jobs to existing teams or create new ones and allocate tasks to them.

Every user has a default workspace on the Management panel, the Personal area, where it is possible to create projects to be shared with teams. Access to the team workspace, meanwhile, is only granted to those who have created the team or received an invitation from a team member.

How to create a new team?

To create a new team, click on Personal in the top right-hand corner of the Management panel and select the option Create New Team.

A pop-up window opens where you are asked to give a name to your team and to add members to share and manage projects by entering their email addresses separated by commas. To confirm, click on the blue Create button.



New members who are added to the team will receive an email notification, and they can see the team they have been added to in the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the Management panel.

Team members can see and manage all the team’s projects. They can also invite and remove other members and change the team name.


How to modify the team settings?

To change the group’s settings, hover the mouse over one of the teams in the dropdown menu and click on the Settings icon.

A pop-up window opens where members can modify the team settings.



To remove one of the team members, hover the mouse over their email address and click on Remove. If you remove the last member, the team will be deleted and all the projects will be moved to the Personal area.

How to share a project with a team?

You can create a project from the homepage and share it with an existing team. Upload files from the Matecat homepage – in this case, the project will be visible on the Management panel in the default workspace, i.e. the Personal area. Initially, the project will be labelled Personal, as below:

To share the project with a team, click on the label next to the project owner and select the right team.


Once you have chosen the team, the project will be labelled with the team name. The project owner can then assign the project to a member of the team, who becomes the assignee.

The assignee can be changed by clicking on the assignee’s name and selecting one of the other members of the team.