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Analysis Report

Matecat provides a Volume Analysis Report every time a new job is created.

Once you click on Analyze button, the analysis page opens.

A progress bar shows you the progress on analyses of the files you uploaded for translation. Once the analysis is completed, the volume analysis page displays the Analysis report. It contains information about the number of words (Payable, Total, New, Repeated) for the entire project and for each file/job.

You can download a TXT file containing the details of the volume analysis of Matecat. A link to download the report will appear on the analysis page as shown below.

You can also access the details of the analysis results directly from the Volume Analysis page. To do so, click on the down arrow below the words Show Details at the bottom of the page.


This will open the volume analysis grid containing all the key information about the number of words (Total, Weighted, New, Repeated) for each translation job.

Analysis for multi-language projects

One major advantage of Matecat for those working with one source language and multiple target languages is that you can analyze all the languages at the same time.

In this case, the analysis report displays the total saving on word count across the project as a whole and then breaks down the matches for every individual target language (i.e. job) included in the project.



After the volume analysis is complete, you can select how many jobs you would like to create by clicking on the Split button.

For each job, Matecat will create a unique link that you can follow to translate your file. You can click on Translate and send the link to your translator, open the link to translate the file yourself or Outsource project management + translation directly via Matecat.