What is Matecat?

Matecat is a free and open source online CAT tool.

CAT ("computer aided translation") tools  assist human translators in doing their work, improving their speed and helping them managing more projects.  As a CAT tool, Matecat includes all the professional features you need, all available for free, and lets you work with 78 different file formats that can be translated into over 200 languages.

Matecat can be used by professional  translators, project managers and non-professional users. It is the ideal environment if you want to translate your document yourself, manage complex multilingual projects or simply order a quality translation provided by Translated with fast turnaround at competitive prices (learn more).

What you need to work in Matecat

Matecat is an online CAT tool. So what you need to work with it is:

1. A browser (Chrome, Edge or Safari)

2. An internet connection

That’s it!

We suggest using the most recent version of each browser:

  • Google Chrome 75, or higher (on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows: 99.0.1150.30) 
  • Safari 5.1.7, or higher (on Mac OS X)

We can't exclude the possibility that Matecat runs on other browsers. However, please note that only Chrome, Edge and Safari are officially supported.

What happens if I don't have internet connection?

Matecat is designed for users that have access to the internet.

In the event of a temporary loss of internet connection, you can still translate up to 30 segments; Matecat will synchronize the translated segments once the connection is re-established.