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Translating WordPress Sites

Translating sites in WordPress using WPML and Matecat

You can send files for translation directly from your WordPress site to Matecat. In order to do that you need to download and install the following plugins on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS: the core plugin.

  • WPML Translation Management: this plugin will allow you to connect to Matecat.

  • WPML String Translation: this plugin will enable you to translate interface strings.

Once all the required plugins have been installed and activated, you need to connect WPML to Matecat through API. If you don't have a Matecat account, you need to create one. Then you can generate API keys directly on your personal profile.

Once you have your API credentials, you can login to our WordPress website, open the WPML>Translation Management admin page and click on the Translation Services tab.

Click on the Translation management systems link to locate and activate Matecat.

Once the service is activated, click the Authenticate button and insert your API Keys.

Read more on how sending your translations through WPML.


Matecat interface for WPML projects

On Matecat side, the translation job can be worked as usual. The only difference is represented by the additional button on the translation editor's top bar. 

Once the translation is finished you need to click on that button in order to deliver the translation to WPML. You will receive a notification email as well.