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Volume Analysis Page

Once you have uploaded your file(s) to the Matecat home page, click on the Analyze button to estimate the translation effort and find out the discounted word count.

The Volume Analysis page will open. The green progress bar at the top of the page indicates how long it will take to analyze the files.

During the analysis, Matecat matches the content of your file(s) with the Public Translation Memory and any Private Translation Memories before applying Machine Translation.

Once the analysis is complete, Matecat displays the Saving on word count percentage in the green box in the top-right corner.

This feature (in the screenshot above, the saving on word count is 20%) indicates the benefit that users gain from translating with Matecat based on the contents of the document uploaded. This allows for a more realistic estimation of the effort required to translate, achieved thanks to the improved content reuse of the Matecat weighted word count compared to the file’s Total word count.

The specific information provided is as follows:

  • Total word count: The total word count, without leveraging any reduction from translation memory matches, repetitions, or machine translation.
    The total word count is calculated as follows:
    • for Latin-alphabet languages, the calculation is based on words
    • for Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the calculation is based on characters
    • links and numbers are counted as one whole word, whereas Unicode punctuation is not included in the calculation
  • Industry weighted: The volume as calculated by industry-standard CAT tools.
  • Matecat weighted: The Matecat word count, which relies on a combination of advanced TM technology (MyMemory) and a reduction in word weighting applied for machine translation suggestions. This allows Matecat to provide more matches than any other tool.