How secure is translating with Matecat?

Matecat users benefit from a continually increasing level of security. Matecat works with an encryption layer which uses the SSL protocol for server to client communication. All data sent from your browser to the Matecat servers is encrypted and cannot be read by third parties, just like the best email and online banking providers.

What this means is that if you think it’s safe to send that document via email, it is safe to translate it with Matecat.

Privacy Policy

Definition of public, private and personal data

We will refer as “Public Data” (or “Public Contributions”) to all the segments sent to Matecat and not explicitly marked as private while being contributed to MyMemory.

We will refer as “Private Data” (or “Private Contributions”) to all the segments sent to Matecat and explicitly marked as private (for example, by providing a TM key during project creation) while being contributed to MyMemory.

We will refer as “Personal Data” to all the information provided by the users about their identity

1.       during authentication flows, necessary to access our service;

2.       during web browsing or API consuming, used for tracking purposes.

Information collected during your visit

We collect and store on a long-term basis any translation submitted, whether it’s public or private.

We collect and store on long-term basis information provided by Google+ authentication system, under user explicit consent.

We collect and store on a long-term basis both the originals you submit to us and the segments that originate from them.

We may collect tracking data and send cookies in order to provide a better user experience during your visit.

We may collect information such as IP address, visiting time, duration, etc. for internal logging purposes.

When you log into any of our services, we collect the “Personal Data” you submit in order to provide these services.

How we use information we collect

We will not share, sell or transfer “Personal Data” to third parties without users’ express consent.

All segments, whether they are “Public Data” or “Private Data”, are collected, processed and used by Matecat to create internal statistics.

Additionally, “Public Data” are used to provide translation matches to other users of the Matecat software.

What information do we share with third parties

Matecat uses external partners to outsource some developments and provide some functionalities: this involves data sharing. External Machine Translation providers is the most obvious example.

We are fully committed to ensuring that personal information confidentiality is protected and maintained.

In order to share translation projects among translators, Matecat uses a public access link system: each translation job is represented and accessed by a HTTP link referred to as “Job link”.

From this link is possible to

  1. access and edit the segments related to that job
  2. download a work in progress preview of the translated file
  3. download the “original” file
  4. download the final translated file after all the segments have been completed
  5. display statistics about the work in progress in a separate panel referred to as Quality report.
  6. display statistics about sentence repetitions matches against Translation memory and total billable words in a separate panel referred to as “Volume Analysis report