Custom Quality Frameworks

Create and manage custom quality frameworks

A quality framework is a combination of error categories and severities used to label issues found in a translation, along with Error per Thousand Words (EPT) thresholds. More details about these combinations are provided below.

Matecat has a default quality framework that it uses for all projects for which a custom quality framework is not chosen.

Creating a customized quality framework

You can create custom quality frameworks to suit your specific requirements. Within Matecat’s quality framework, you can set the EPT thresholds and manage the evaluation grid.

EPT thresholds

EPT thresholds determine whether projects pass or fail at each revision stage based on Errors per Thousand Words (EPT), the scoring system used in Matecat.

A project passes when EPT values are below the set threshold (default 20 for R1 and 15 for R2), representing the maximum allowed EPT. Any value exceeding the threshold will result in a "Fail," while values below the threshold will secure a "Pass" status.

Adjusting this threshold modifies the tolerance level for errors, enhancing precision in evaluation.

Evaluation grid

The evaluation grid manages categories and severity levels during revision. Categories are used to categorize the type of error found, while severity levels measure the gravity of the error.

Severity levels are category-specific, meaning you can assign different weights to the same severity level depending on the category.

You can edit, move up/down, delete and add new categories.
Categories have both a name and a description; when creating or editing a category, you can manage both.

You can also modify the severity levels. 

Any changes to the default quality framework will be highlighted in blue and will trigger the option to save the current settings in a new quality framework or, in the case of edits to a custom quality framework, to save them to a new version of the same quality framework. Please note that any changes to a quality framework must be saved before they are applied to newly created projects.

In order to create a new quality framework, you need to name it and click “Confirm”.

Once a custom quality framework has been saved, you will find it in the quality frameworks list and you can decide to use a specific quality framework when creating your project.

Moreover,  you can at any time set a quality framework to be used in a project template to be automatically applied whenever that template is chosen.