Matecat in 5 steps

1. Create your translation project

Creating translation projects in Matecat is incredibly easy:

  1. Visit in Chrome, Edge or Safari
  2. Choose the language pair(s) for your translation
  3. Upload the file(s) to translate in any of the over 78 formats available
  4. Create a new translation memory (or "TM") or select an existing TM, if you need keep your translation private.
  5. Log in to save your translation memories and glossaries, and keep track of your projects.

2. Analyze your project

Once you have uploaded your file(s), click on Analyze to estimate the translation effort and calculate the weighted word count.

Matecat finds more matches than any other CAT tool by matching the content of your files with the Public TM, containing over 12 billion matches; your Private TM (if added); the Machine Translation (if enabled).


3. Translate or Outsource

After clicking on Analyze, you can:

  • Click on TRANSLATE or on the JOB LINK, to translate the project for free;
  • Click on BUY TRANSLATION, in order to Outsource the job to Translated, accepting the instant quote with the guaranteed delivery date.

4. Translate your file(s)

To translate, open the link with Chrome or Safari and you will see the source text on the left side, broken down into segments. Start working on your translation by editing the matches from the private and public TM or the suggestions from the machine translation provided for each segment.

Click on TRANSLATED to confirm your translation; the bar on the right will turn blue to confirm that the translation is saved.

Once the translation is complete, you can get it, clicking on the Download button in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Revise a translation (optional)

From the translation editor, click on Menu on the top bar and choose Revise to open the link for revision. Start the revision yourself or send the link to your reviser.

For each segment, click on APPROVED if you think the translation is correct. Otherwise, edit the translation and classify the type of issues found according to the options provided. 

Once you finish revising, click on the QR button in the top bar or under the segment to read an assessment based on the issues you flagged during the revision.


If you have questions at any stage, click on the Get Support button on the right side of any page or send an email to You will get free and timely technical support for all your queries.