Translation Editor Features

The main interface for translators is the Translation Editor page.

You can access it by:

  • clicking on the Translate button in the Volume Analysis page, or
  • opening the previously generated/provided job URL.

The Translation Editor user interface provides translators with all the necessary information and Matecat features available for them to work on translation jobs. Below you will find a description of these elements:


Most of the translation editor features are quite intuitive. We would point out some elements that can be really useful while translating.

Editor featuresThe File navigation list lets you see the list of files uploaded into the job. You can either click on the file name to be redirected to the beginning of that file or click on Go to current segment to open the segment you are working on. 

While translating you have the possibility to go to the first segment of the job/chunk clicking on the blue arrow you can find down on the left of your screen.


The Download Menu Icon, lets you download the translation once you have finished. But you have also the possibility to download the Draft document(pre-translated with matches from the MT and TM), download the original file, to export the job in xliff format and the job tmx.

The Menu lets you access the Revise mode, the volume analysis, the XLIFF-to-target converter tool and the Shortcuts list.

The Filter feature lets you display only the segments you need to work on, filtering them for status.

The search and replace feature lets you easily find and change terms and sentences within the job. 


On the footer you can find the Project ID and all the information about the current status of the translation job.

Clicking on the number of weighted words you can open the Volume analyses page. 

Clicking on To-do or on the progress bar will take you to the next segment that still needs to be worked on.

While translatingg you will see an additional information on the footer. The completed in parameter shows you the time you would need to finish the translation, based on the current speed of you work.

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Once the job is complete, by clicking on the To do counter or the progress bar, the tooltip "Job complete, no untranslated segments left" will be displayed.