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MT Settings


Machine Translation is an automated translation carried out by computer software, without human involvement. 


In Matecat there are more MT engine options that can respond to different translation needs. The MT engine can be selected from the Settings panel.

If you want to use MT when creating a project, the best option is to select MyMemory.

By default, MyMemory provides the best MT engine suited for your language combination. 

You will have the ModernMT engine for 200 languages. The full list is available here.

For all the other languages, MyMemory will provide Google Translate API (we pay for it and offer it for free to Matecat users).

If for any reason the Google Translate API is not available, we automatically switch to the Microsoft Bing API.  

Only the project owner can activate or disable Machine Translation. Once the job has been opened, it is not possible to change the MT settings.

MyMemory is enabled by default. So if you don't want to use it remember to uncheck the corresponding box under the field “Use in this project” in the Machine Translation tab.

You have the possibility to modify the MT provider, choosing among the available Machine Translation Engines.